Working out in English

In the English PE workout lesson of the 7C, we were required to communicate in English instead of German, which was an exciting challenge for us. This project was designed as a good addition to the last English unit of year 7 that focuses on the topic of sports. It spanned four double lessons, with two lessons dedicated to English and two to PE. My group consisted of Konrad Malecki, Niklas Hagemann, Dayyan Yugbhery and myself, Yasin Yurteri. Our teachers, Mr. Schade for English and Ms. Bichi for PE, guided us through the project.

During the lesson, each group of 4-5 students had to create a workout of at least 5 minutes focusing on the three categories: creativity & fun, being challenging & effective, and the use of the English language. My group decided to emphasize the challenging aspect of the workout. We observed other groups closely and felt confident about our performance. We split our 10-minute workout into two parts: jump rope and basic exercises, each lasting 5 minutes. However, there were some challenges when we had to adjust our workout to fit the time schedule. Despite some difficulties, we received positive feedback on our English language usage. The workouts created by other groups were also enjoyable, though some were quite challenging and pushed us to our limits.

After a week of anticipation, we got our scores for the three categories. For creativity and fun, we got an average score, and for effectiveness, we also got an average score. However, for English… WE GOT A 100%!!! After that, the overall winners were announced and, to our surprise, we got the 1st place! The scoring was done by the pupils that had already finished our workout and our English teacher Mr. Schade who calculated the scores after the workouts. It was a memorable and exciting yet challenging experience for all of us.

Ein Text von Yasin Yurteri und Konrad Malecki (7c)